Sound FC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Aug 7th


The continued planning session/retreat for Sound FC Board of Directors was called to order at 6ish on Aug
7th at the Anderson School by Tim Hargrave.

Name Attending Non-Attending

Tim Hargrave (Pres) X
Grace Jurado (VP) X
Melissa Hawkins (Tres.) X
Eileen Turcott (Sec.) X
Joe Hampson (Exec.Dir.) X
Peder Fitch X
Carly Becerril Geiger X
Jen Goetze X
Craig Manalili X
Thero Mitchell X
Omur Muhittinoglu X
Mike Weatherbie X
Aare Valvas X

Vision/Mission Discussion:

-Review input submitted by Peder. Much discussion over verbiage, end decision resulted in no changes.

-Below are the final versions based on some post-meeting discussion and input:

Sound FC Vision:

To be the preeminent choice for soccer in the Puget Sound region

Sound FC Mission:

To provide a community in which athletes compete at their maximum potential while developing
strong minds, strong bodies and strong skills that inspire lifelong success, on and off the field

Values Discussion:

Limit focus to about 5 key values. Work with pre-existing foundation: Enthusiasm, Togetherness, Intention
Tag value to key words families are seeking when researching premier soccer clubs

Sound FC Values:

Whole Athlete
We strive to develop smart, creative, resilient, confident and healthy athletes

We believe that healthy competition is essential to progress

We are committed to learning and the continuous improvement of players and coaches

We are building an inclusive community that values each member’s uniqueness

We love the game and take fun seriously


  • Organizational Leadership: Joe/Melissa/Carly/Thero/Peder/ Grace
  • Operational Excellence: Joe/Melissa/Craig/Omur/Mike/ Tim
  • Quality Programming: Joe/Aare/Eileen/Jen/Tim/Peder/ Darrin
  • Community Outreach: Joe/Jen/Carly/Grace/Mike/ (+3 others)
  • Fund Development: Joe/Craig/Thero/ Jen?

Action Items (All):

Coordinate and Convene first committee meetings


Meeting was adjourned at 8pm by Tim Hargrave. The next board meeting is Thurs Sept 20th, 5:30pm.

Minutes submitted by: Eileen Turcott, Secretary

Approved by: