What is your favorite age group to coach and why?
I really enjoy coaching at any age. Each age group brings their own unique challenges. To watch the players grow and develop throughout the season is always my biggest reward.

What is the most important part of a player’s pre-match ritual?
I think the most important part to a pre-match ritual is getting yourself mentally and physically prepared to play. Eating a proper meal, setting yourself some personal goals to accomplish during the game and doing whatever it takes to get yourself in the right mindset to play at your highest level.

What’s the best advice you ever got from one of your own coaches?
“It’s never the problem, it’s always the way you resolve it.”

What is the one thing every player should work on/ practice in between trainings?
Try and get as many touches on the ball as possible. Just going out in the backyard, park, or even garage and playing with a soccer ball for twenty minutes on the days you don’t have training will make a big difference.

Favorite end of season gift you’ve ever received?
The best gift I’ve ever received are letters and cards from the players and parents given to me during and at the end of each season. I have kept every one of them and I occasionally will pull them out and look through them to remind me how wonderful my job really is.

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