What is your favorite age group to coach and why?

I enjoy coaching all age groups because I get to spend time working on different parts of the game. When I coach the youngest ages I get to show a lot of examples and watch players develop a skill for the first time and the joy that brings them. Coaching the older ages is also very rewarding because I get to get help players improve their decision making and the tactical side of their game. I enjoy coaching all ages because I get to help the kids improve in every aspect of the game.

What is the most important part of a player’s pre-match ritual?

The most important part of the pregame ritual is to get your mind to a place where you are focused, confident and ready to have fun!

What’s the best advice you ever got from one of your own coaches?

As a player, the thing that stuck with me is to have short term memory on the field when you make mistakes. Learn from the mistake and move on quickly. I would think about missed opportunites during the game or in the car ride home. I found that it would affect me negatively for the entire game if I started to overthink a mistake. I was able to play much more calmly and effectively when I stayed positive!

What is the one thing every Sound player should work on/ practice in between trainings?

I feel that every player should be looking to improve their first touch at any possible chance. Your first touch on the ball is usually the most important touch in the game because it sets up everything you are looking to do next. You can improve your first touch in many different ways as well, I used to pass back and forth with a wall!

Favorite end of season gift you’ve ever received or team party idea?

This is a tough one. Over the years I have received so many well thought out gifts it is hard to pick just one. I will pick the gift that two of my players made for me a few years ago. They put together a bunch of my quotes from random things I would say at practice and during games to the girls and made a book out of it. They decorated it and put so much time into the gift, it was amazing!