Performance Training

SFC’s 12-Week Performance Training

This program is in the works. More information coming soon!

Overview: SFC’s 12-Week Performance Training offers small group training that focus on the development of the total athlete. Our trainers identify the athlete’s needs, teach fundamentals including proper mechanics, nutritional education, and mental preparation, all while increasing the athlete’s strength, conditioning, athletic performance and decreasing the risk for injury.

8-12 year olds:

The majority of the training regimen will be to focus on enhancing the nervous system by performing balance, stability, speed, and agility drills. No weights of any kind will be necessary at this point. Strength training is not necessary at this age unless there’s an individual that stands out and should advance to the next stage of training. Those individuals display a high level of balance, stability, speed, and agility for their age and should begin light strength training as to not limit and postpone their natural athletic abilities.

13-18 year olds: 

Enhancing the nervous system is always at the forefront of sport specific training with any age, but the addition of power and strength training will enhance an individual’s natural athleticism and help them reach the next level in their sport. I would start at light weights and progress forward at each individuals specific pace needed. Learning to deadlift, squat, and clean is highly beneficial for strength and explosiveness so getting each individual who displays the mobility and body awareness to do so will benefit greatly from these movements.

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