Dr. Kevin Alschuler

Dr. Kevin Alschuler
Current Teams
Sound Football Club
Sport Psychology Advisor

Kevin Alschuler, Ph.D., is a psychologist who uniquely blends expertise as an athlete, coach, and psychologist to positively impact sport performance and injury recovery. Dr. Alschuler’s “day job” is as a psychologist at the University of Washington, where he works with individuals living with disability to maximize their function in the face of challenges or adversity. His sports work blends this human performance interest with his background as an athlete and coach.

Dr. Alschuler’s athletic accomplishments range from being an all-American swimmer in high school to being a national-level rower at the University of Michigan to a more recent transition into running. For a number of years, he was also a rowing coach, working with rowers from middle school to national team level. Dr. Alschuler’s sport psychology work has included consulting, clinical care, and research across high school, college, and elite athletes in sports ranging from rowing to football to basketball to ultramarathon running.

As Surf’s Sport Psychology Advisor, Dr. Alschuler is heavily involved in the Surf Leadership Program (SLP). The program began at the June 2018 Leadership Conference where staff, parents, and select athlete leaders began the process of defining what they feel are the unique characteristics of our club and what skills are needed to apply those themes at the athlete-level, team-level, & organization-level.Sp