Coaching Slate

Sound FC coaches are trained to function more as educators, or teachers. Borrowing from basic principles of sport and child psychology, they take players on a “guided discovery” instead of “over coaching.” As educators, their goal is to help the players develop basic tactical skills, using critical thinking to solve puzzles they encounter in game play instead of constantly being provided the answers.

These tactical skills, combined with a player’s natural athletic talent, are key to success in soccer and also contribute to valuable coping and problem-solving skills players apply off the pitch- at home, school, and in society.

The result is a club culture that promotes development of our players and educators as independent, creative leaders, giving them the tools and opportunity to practice creative problem-solving in all areas.

“I absolutely love being a Sound FC Coach. It’s all about the Holistic approach and giving our players the tools to be successful both on and off the field. Education is always continuous, everyday is an opportunity to get a little better.”

~Shaun Warner (2018 B08B and B06C Head Coach, 2019 B02A Head Coach)