Sports Nutrition Resources

Welcome to Sound FC’s Nutrition Resource Hub, part of our commitment to the whole athlete. These resources are meant to connect families with quality resources for fueling young bodies for sport. Content will be updated regularly, so check back for even more info, tips, and tricks focused on these topics:

  • Hydration
  • Sports Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Making Health Nutrition Choices Away From Home
  • Late Practice Dinners
  • Pre & Post-Game Fuel


Do Kids Need Sports Drinks?

The short answer is NO! Sports drinks are usually filled with loads of sugar! Often EIGHT or more teaspoons of sugar are found in each 20-ounce bottle. That is simply unnecessary and not good for them, nor good for their sports’ performance (read – sugar crashes!!!). Instead of the sugar filled sports drinks, here are six alternatives that will be much better for performance and kiddos’ tummies, yet keeps them hydrated and ready to play!


Food is Fuel

We wouldn’t starve our car of fuel and expect it to run efficiently, would we? Just as we wouldn’t knowingly put ‘bad’ fuel in our car and expect it to perform well on the highway, would we? But then why do we starve our bodies of good fuel and expect it to feel strong and have the energy needed for a practice? Or fill our bodies with ‘bad’ fuel and expect it to perform well during a game? We need to start looking at what fuel (food) we are putting into our bodies and how it may be affecting what we are getting out. Just like a car, our bodies need high quality fuel to run properly and at it’s very best. Start filling yourself with the fuel that makes you feel your very best!

Fast Facts

Practice evenings can get busy and late. Fast food sometimes is the only option. Here are some ideas of the healthiest fast-food menu items that can be found out in the drive-thru jungle.

Check out this article for some ideas. If you can’t find or don’t like these specific options, general tips to try to stick to when selecting fast food is:

  • try to avoid mayo and sauces
  • go for the grilled, non-fried options
  • skip the unhealthy sides, such as fries

Protein to Go

Need a quick, convenient, dependable snack? Check out our ‘local’ and easy to find coffee shop, Starbucks. Their protein bistro boxes are a tasty, kid friendly option. Also the new sous vide egg bites, paired with a piece of fruit can make a great and hearty snack. Both are high in protein and will give you sustained energy to take you through a hard practice or game. Enjoy!

You Need Breakfast

Start your day with a full fuel tank. Plan ahead to make it easy to grab something on your way out of the house. Here are some great tips to help you put together a healthy, balanced, start to your day.


Mid-Day Fuel

You need to fuel your body throughout the day. Be sure to eat a healthy lunch every day at school. This not only helps you feel a lot better at practice, later in the day, but it will also help you avoid an afternoon slump while sitting in class. To help make lunch healthier try to make smart choices, enjoy some foods in moderation, balance your plate, think about choosing simple foods as close to their natural form as possible… and better yet, be in total control of what you are eating and bring your own lunch from home! Check out this article for more ideas.

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