Premier Soccer Tryouts

Washington Youth Soccer and the RCL have decided not to hold in-person soccer tryouts for the 2020-2021 season. These guidelines applies to all premier and select youth soccer programs in Washington, which means live tryouts are being replaced by the “player placement” process outlined below:

  1. All players who would like to play for Sound FC for the 2020-2021 season MUST register for tryouts no later than Thursday April 30 at 5:00 pm. Our Sound FC family is our highest priority and we would like to assure that every player who is currently on a Sound FC team will have a spot on our teams for the 2020-2021 season. To complete tryout registration online, visit our REGISTRATION PAGE and click on “sign-in” (upper right-hand corner of the screen) to create an account. Please note the $20 tryout registration fee will be applied towards player registration/club fees for the 2020-2021 season.
  2. Our technical and coaching staff will prepare tentative rosters based on last years’ performance for returning Sound FC players. So that we know your intention is to return to Sound FC for the 2020-2021 season, we ask that you register for tryouts as soon as possible.
  3. Starting May 1, all returning Sound FC players will receive a phone call from their head coach to confirm team placement. Once team placement is confirmed, players will receive a registration email. To reserve their spot on the team, players will be asked to make a one-time non-refundable deposit at the time of registration.  Movement of players may occur over the summer at the discretion of our technical and coaching staff, after we have returned to training and actual play. In addition, once we get the green light to resume play, families will have the option to pay the balance of club fees for the season in full or by 3- or 9-month installments.
  4. For the 2012 age group, all players will be placed in our 2012 Age Group Player Pool.  Once we return to play, the pool will train together for a period of time prior to dividing up into teams.  This will ensure that the coaching staff gets as much time to see these new players and place them appropriately.  As is always the case, there will likely be player movement throughout the season.
  5. Players who did not play for Sound FC for the 2019-2020 season who would like to be placed on one of our teams for the 2020-2021 season must still complete the tryout registration and contact Director of Coaching David Mugambira no later than Thursday April 30 at 5:00. Non-current Sound FC players will be contacted by our Technical and Coaching staff starting now and through May 5 but will not be offered a spot on our teams until after May 5.



Q: What is the amount of the non-refundable deposit that players will need to pay at the time of registration to reserve their spot on the team?  

A: The options for registration will be to pay in full, 3 equal payments, and 9 equal payments.  For those looking to only pay the deposit, our recommendation is to sign up for the 9 equal payments. The initial payment will be processed immediately with subsequent payments not due until August 15th.  The amount of the initial deposit varies for the different age groups: U9 and U10: $200, U11 and U12: $223, U13 and older: $262, plus Sports Engine’s processing fees.


Q: If the State decides that there will be no season, will this deposit be refunded to the families? 

A: We will refund all money collected except for what has been paid out to our coaching staff.


Q: Will club fees be prorated based on the actual return to play date?  

A: We will have more information on this as the actual return to play date approaches.  There are certain fixed expenses that must be covered (coaches, etc.), but we will look at a possible reduction prorated fee structure once we have more guidance on return to play dates.


Q: How is performance being measured for returning players?

A: Performance is determined based on coaches’ input. Age group coaches and the Director of Coaching will work together to identify returning players strengths and areas for additional development. Once we have a return to play date, there will be a window for making necessary adjustments to initial team placement (player adjustments does NOT include the possibility of cutting players, only moving players from team to team). Sound FC will continue to move players throughout the season as player development dictates.


Q: How is performance being measured for players who did not play for Sound FC last year?

A: New players will be placed on rosters based on available space. Once we have a return to play date, there may be some player movement between teams to ensure each child is playing on a team at the right developmental level.


Q: For returning players, are they guaranteed a spot on the same team as last year?

A: Our focus this year is on ensuring that every player who played with us last season has the ability to continue their player development with us for another season. With this in mind, we will offer every returning player a roster spot for the 2020-2021 season, but we cannot guarantee that it will be on the same team as the 2019-2020 season. Coaches will do their best to place players on to the appropriate team when you are contacted on May 1, but there may be player movement once we are allowed to train and the players take the field.


Q: For players who are new this year, when will they be notified of initial team placement?

A: Per Washington Youth Soccer guideline, will notify existing players of their initial team placement by May 1, and will add new players to rosters based on available roster positions. New players may be contacted by Sound FC coaches between May 1-5, but no roster spots will be offered until May 5.


Q: Since there are no traditional tryouts, do I still have to pay the $20 Tryout fee?

A: Yes, please pay the Tryout fee when you sign-up your child. After final player placement, the $20 will be sent to your teams’ treasurer to offset team fees.


Q: If we register for the season, but are not ultimately placed on our first-choice team, can we withdraw and get a refund?

A: No, we expect all players who register to play to commit to a team for the season. While we understand some players will be disappointed not to play on the team of their choice, team placement decisions are made with the best interests of the players and the teams in mind.


Q: Will players who played for another clubs A premier team automatically be placed on the A team? 

A: No. All new players will be treated equally and placed on rosters based on availability of spots. Once we have a return to play date, players will all be given the opportunity to show their skill and development level and player movement between teams may take place.


Q: Is financial aid still available? Who is the club contact for financial aid applications?

A: Yes, financial aid is still available for eligible families. The financial aid application can be found on our website under RESOURCES -> FORMS. Financial aid applications should be sent via email to the NYSA Registrar, Jane Shumway.

If you have any additional questions send us an email at

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* If you were unable to make it to the tryouts for boys born in 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005  but you are still interested in joining Sound FC, please email Director of Coaching David Mugambira-