Premier Soccer Tryouts

Tryouts for premier soccer teams for the 2019/2020 season are complete. If you were unable to attend and are still interested in joining a team, please contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell to coordinate a drop-in evaluation. 

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This year we're excited to make the change from Greater Seattle Surf to Sound Football Club. With that change comes updates to our coaching slate, sponsors, and supplemental programs. We can't wait to see everyone out on the pitch! ~ Joe Hampson, Executive Director


To access tryouts registration page please select your child’s gender, then click on “Birth Year”. Tryout details are subject to change. Please check this page for updated details and follow us on Twitter for the most up to date information.

Girls 2011U9April 24-25Contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell
Girls 2010U10May 1-2Contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell
Girls 2009U11May 1-2Contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell
Girls 2008U12May 1-2Contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell
Girls 2007U13May 8-9Contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell
Girls 2006U14May 8-9Contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell
Girls 2005U15May 8-9Contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell
Girls 2004U16May 15-16Contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell
Girls 2003U17May 15-16Contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell
Girls 2002U18May 15-16Contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell
Girls 2001U19May 15-16Contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell
Boys 2011U9April 24-25Contact Director of Coaching, Boys- David Mugambira
Boys 2010U10May 1-2Contact Director of Coaching, Boys- David Mugambira
Boys 2009U11May 1-2Contact Director of Coaching, Boys- David Mugambira
Boys 2008U12May 1-2Contact Director of Coaching, Boys- David Mugambira
Boys 2007U13May 8-9Contact Director of Coaching, Boys- David Mugambira
Boys 2006U14May 8-9Contact Director of Coaching, Boys- David Mugambira
Boys 2005U15May 8-9Contact Director of Coaching, Boys- David Mugambira
Boys 2004U16FebruaryContact Director of Coaching, Boys- David Mugambira
Boys 2003U17FebruaryContact Director of Coaching, Boys- David Mugambira
Boys 2002U18FebruaryContact Director of Coaching, Boys- David Mugambira
Boys 2001U19FebruaryContact Director of Coaching, Boys- David Mugambira

* If you were unable to make it to the tryouts for boys born in 2001, 2002, 2003, & 2004 but you are still interested in joining Sound FC, please contact Director of Soccer, Jason Farrell-


Once tryouts are complete, each coach will make phone calls to the selected players. All commitments should be finalized within a week of tryouts, then the coaches host Team Formation Meetings for each new team, to be attended by players and parents.


Boys and Girls born 2011:
Monday, April 29, 5:30-7:30pm
@Canyon Park Middle School Cafeteria

Boys and Girls born 2010-2008:
May 5, 4:00-6:00pm
@Bothell HS Commons

Boys and Girls born 2007-2005:
May 13, 5:30-7:30pm
@Brightwater Education Center

Girls born 2004-2001:
May 19 (times vary by age group starting at 4pm)
@Northshore Middle School Cafeteria



TRYOUTS FAQ ENGLISH / ESPAÑOL (Pruebas de Selección – Preguntas Frecuentes)


PLAY-UP POLICY ENGLISHESPAÑOL (Normas Para Jugar en un Equipo de Mayor Edad)

PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE ENGLISH / ESPAÑOL (Guia Informativa Para Padres de Familia)

Tryouts FAQ

Starting April 1, 2019, Greater Seattle Surf became known as Sound Football Club. All tryouts for the 2019/2020 season will be for Sound FC teams.

Online registration is available here, on the TRYOUTS INFORMATION PAGE. Pre-registration for tryouts is highly recommended. Pre-registration will expedite check-in of your player at their first tryout session. Pre-registration will close at midnight the day prior to tryouts. If you are unable to pre- register, walk-up registration is allowed. Walk up registration will cost $10 more. The walk-up registration fee is $30 (cash or checks made payable to Sound FC). Walk up registrants must have a parent or guardian present to sign the medical and liability waiver.

Our teams are formed through a player tryout process. Each player is assigned a numbered tryout jersey to be worn at each tryout session. Players are identified by that unique jersey number during the course of the tryout. Coaches will base their selections on player skill and ability demonstrated during the tryouts. Players will receive notification of their tryout results after the last tryout session by the age group coaches.

Players should bring their soccer shoes, shin guards, a water bottle and a soccer ball and dress appropriately for the weather. If you are new to the club, please bring a copy of your birth certificate or passport to the first tryout session (it will be returned to you). A photo on your phone will work. Do not wear any clothing or uniform pieces from past clubs/teams.

Tryout sessions may be rescheduled or cancelled due to field availability or severe weather. Check back to the Sound FC website frequently before your tryout. Every effort will be made to inform you of any last-minute cancellations or reschedule via email if you are pre-registered. Please also reference our social media channels for updates.

We recommend that you attend all of the tryout sessions for your age group. The more sessions you attend, the greater the opportunity for the head coach and the evaluators to see your skills. You must attend at least one session. If there is an unavoidable conflict with all of the sessions for your age, or if you are sick or injured, please contact Director of Soccer Jason Farrell. Arrangements can be made to provide you an alternate time to try out. In some circumstances, a supplemental session may be scheduled for an age group.

If you are injured and unable to compete fully at tryouts, you will need to register and bring a note from your doctor detailing the injury along with an estimate of when you can resume training. Players will then coordinate with club/team/coach a date when player can receive an opportunity to attend a team training session and be evaluated to be considered for a team. Injured players will be assigned a jersey number, and their injury will be noted on the tryout evaluator sheets.

Roster spots will more than likely begin to be offered throughout the course of the tryout sessions. Once tryouts are completed the coaches for the respective teams will continue to finalize rosters via phone calls to the players selected. The A team coach will complete their rosters first, followed by the B, C, etc. team coaches. While our goal is to have everyone notified within 48 hours this depends on the coach’s ability to reach players/parents and player commitment. You can help the process by sticking close to your home phone or your cell phone following the final tryout session. A decision on an offer will be expected when the coach calls. You should give thought in advance to the various offers you might receive so you can give the coach an answer right away.

Following the final tryout session for your age group, the coaches will confirm their selections with the Coaching Directors. U13-U19 11v11 teams will have a roster of 14-18 players on a team, U9 and U10 7v7 teams will have a roster of 9-11 players on a team and U11 and U12 9v9 teams will have a roster of 11-13 players on a team.

All players who try out will receive a phone call by a Sound FC Coach, regardless of whether they have been selected for a team or not. If you have not heard from Sound FC 3 days after the final tryout session, please contact the Sound FC office at 425-899-7873

When a player makes a commitment to Sound FC by accepting an offer extended by a coach, that commitment is not taken lightly. Sound FC takes careful consideration in extending an offer to a player and each player should do the same in making their decision to accept a roster spot. If a player breaks their commitment, not only will we have lost one player, but we will have lost another who would have committed and filled the roster spot. When a player makes a commitment to join a team it is for one seasonal year of play and one full year of payment to Sound FC. Consequently, Sound FC adheres to a strict “no refund” policy. Once a player has committed to a Sound FC team, they are expected to pay the full year of fees.

No. The tryouts are an open process and selection is based on the skill and ability that a player demonstrates at the tryouts.

Sound FC has a financial aid program for those who cannot afford the full cost of playing premier soccer. If you wish to apply for financial aid, please fill out the FINANCIAL AID APPLICATIONfound here on our “Resources” page – and submit to the office PRIOR TO TRYOUTS or the FIRST DAY OF TRYOUTS so the club can determine if you qualify. Please be sure all required financial documents are turned in with the application. You can find the financial aid application on the Sound FC site under Parent Resources: Forms.

Once you have received a phone call from the Sound FC coach and have accepted a position on the team, go to to complete player registration. Registration will open the day after tryouts have been completed. You may need to upload a copy of the player’s birth certificate or passport and a headshot for the player’s ID card so have those ready. Select your team, acknowledge the waivers/notices, and set up the payment plan or pay in full. At the end of the registration you will print the Medical Release Form, Parent and Player Codes of Conduct. Sign and give these forms to your team manager at your team formation meeting. All players must be registered before the team formation meeting. Players will not be able to begin practicing until fully registered. If you cannot register online you may register by contacting the Sound FC Registrar Karen Renkert via email or by leaving a message at 425-899-7873.

After players register the team will get together for a team formation meeting. Teams meet to:

1) Turn in paperwork: Medical Release Form, Codes of Conduct printed after you complete the online registration.

2) Submit a check to the Team Treasurer to cover tournament fees, team equipment expenses, etc.

3) Sign up for volunteer roles.

4) Talk about plans for the upcoming year.

Team formation meeting times and locations will be communicated to all parents/players when they receive their player registration information. Each player must have a parent or guardian attend the team formation meeting.

Adidas uniforms will be ordered online through Each team will have a uniform coordinator who will enter each player’s name, email and jersey #. Then an email will be sent directly to the parent with the ordering guidelines.