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Sound Football Club is proud to be a part of Washington Youth Soccer and the Regional Club League (RCL).  There are eighteen Regional Clubs in Washington, representing the most competitive level of youth soccer. The RCL provides successful pathways into Academy programs, Washington Youth Soccer’s Elite Development Program (EPD), US Soccer’s Olympic Development Program, and US National Team Pools, as well as collegiate and professional teams.  Take a look at the RCL video for more information or get more info on our club and how to tryout, below.

Sound Football Club is the sole premier soccer club chartered by Washington Youth Soccer to represent the South Snohomish County and Northshore Youth Soccer associations at the highest level of club play in Washington, the Regional Club League. Sound FC doesn’t just offer a youth soccer league, we provide a place for holistic growth and development. Each player’s experience is driven by our core values. Values that emphasize leadership, teamwork, personal care, and mental acuity. Sound FC works with each athlete to develop themselves, through respect for the power of teamwork and focus.


  • The WHOLE ATHLETE is developed; Strong Mind, Body, Skill
  • Athletes are able to reach their maximum potential in a healthy and competitive training environment
  • Focuses on developing smart, creative, resilient, confident and healthy athletes
  • Provides a pathway for athletes to move to higher levels of competition, including college and professional levels
Sound Football Club is proud to provide year-round Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) programming to all of our premier soccer members. Driven by our own SAQ & Nutrition Specialist, Heather Alschuler, each Sound FC coach receives 2 in-person workshops to create age-appropriate, progressive, and flexible SAQ training programs tailored to each of their teams. Our club-wide warm-up and cool-down also employs basic SAQ principles.
Curated by our own SAQ & Nutrition Specialist, Heather Alschuler, our sports nutrition resources are meant to connect families with quality resources for fueling young bodies for sport. Content will be updated regularly, so check back for even more info, tips, and tricks focused on these topics: hydration, sports drinks, snacks, pre and post-game fuel, late practice dinners, and healthy choices away from home.
Each of our teams has 2 athlete leader representatives who attend monthly leadership workshops. The team reps participate in age-appropriate guided activities and discussions curated by our Sport Psychology Advisor Dr. Kevin Alschuler. The reps then take what they learned and share with their teams to explore ways to apply the lessons at the team and individual level.


Sound FC is proud to offer free programming to prepare players for college recruitment, headed by College Services Coordinator, Val Seid. Programming kicks off with an information night for players and parents to cover the process of college recruitment, how to select a school, etiquette for contacting coaches, tips about scholarships, financial aid, and more.

Our college prep services also include a special Q&A panel to hear directly from current college head coaches about what they look for and the process they use to recruit players. Additional information nights are held on the last Wednesday of each month to cover additional topics including:

  • How to use College Fit Finder
  • How to prep for a college showcase
  • What to know about NCAA and NAIA rules


Mentorship and coaching are at the center of  Sound Football Club’s Premier Soccer program. Our professionally licensed coaches work one-on-one with each player using the most respected coaching methodologies in youth soccer today. 

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